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The School of Cadence Ballet is proud to continue with their history of academic excellence. Students who train in the Professional Training Program have consistently excelled academically with the majority holding places on the honor roll. The intensive schedule of the Professional Training Program attracts students who are driven to achieve, whether it be in the arts or in any other facet. The environment at SCB nurtures and rewards the qualities of discipline, hard work and ambition.  For these reasons students not only feel at home with their peers but also feel encouraged by them to succeed. Parents of these students often see an increase in the children’s ability to time manage and this is also reflected in an increase in marks. Graduates from the program have had the choice of continuing with dance at the post-secondary level, following career opportunities in their profession or choosing to pursue excellence in academia. Alumni who have chosen an academic path have been accepted to elite programs most notably in Law, Medicine and Sciences.

Grades 4 - 8

Dancers in Grades 4-8 have the choice to stay in their local school, attend a special school for elite athletes, or be excused early via the High Performance Athletics program. Families often find that local schools are eager to assist with children who have chosen to pursue their passion at this level. 

Grades 9 - 12

Students in Grades 9-12 can choose to do challenge the PE/Art/dance credits through PLAR, attend a special program for elite athletes, or take online courses. Dancers in all grades have been successful with receiving credits for their training hours at SCB.

International Students

 The School of Cadence Ballet has had the pleasure of having many international students attend our programs. SCB works hand in hand with the school to ensure the student is able to receive a student visa to study in Canada.