Cadence International Competitive Team

The Cadence International Competitive Team is an elite team of dancers who represent both Cadence and Canada with top-level artistry and technical proficiency in competitions throughout the world. The International Team will be role models throughout the school and abroad acting as ambassadors for Cadence. Dancers from the International Team will compete both Nationally and Internationally. 


The Cadence International Competitive team has competed at the Youth American Grand Prix, The American Dance Competition, the American Dance Awards and the Canadian National Dance Championships. 


Youth American Grand Prix:


Mari Bell, Top 12 Classical, Atlanta 2014

Alessandra Lisi, Top 12 Contemporary, Atlanta 2014

Samantha Tawaststjerna, Top 24 Classical, Atlanta 2014

Sasha Newman Oktan, Top 12 Classical, Atlanta 2013

Sasha Newman Oktan, Top 12 Contemporary, Atlanta 2013

Ellie Ricker, Full Scholarship-Ballet West, Atlanta 2013

Sasha Newman Oktan, NY Finals Invite , Atlanta 2013

Alessandra Lisi, NY Finals Invite, Atlanta 2013

Jamie Reid and Colin Hathaway, Third Place Contemporary Duet and NY Finals, Atlanta 


American Dance Competition


Mari Bell, Top 12 Classical, Orlando 2014

Sophie Kapsalas, Top 15 Round 1, Orlando 2014

Mari Bell, Scholarships: Sarasota Cuban Ballet, Orlando Ballet School, Modas, Ajkun Ballet Theatre