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Jason Ambrose

 San Francisco Ballet School

Jason Ambrose started dancing at age 16, with formal ballet training beginning a year later. He is an alumnus of the Ellison Ballet Professional Training Program where he was mentored by former San Francisco Ballet Soloist Edward Ellison. Ambrose was personally invited by St. Petersburg Conservatory Dean Oleg Vinogradov, as the first African American to enroll in their Ballet Master and Choreographers Degree Program and to dance with the Ballet Theatre of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire. Jason travels the country, and internationally, as a guest ballet teacher and classical and contemporary choreographer. He has choreographed for and coached numerous Top Three winners in the YAGP Contemporary and Classical Solo Categories as well as the 2020 Prix de Lausanne Second Prize Winner. Jason received the 2020 WBAC Grand Prix Outstanding Teacher Award. Ambrose has served as the Resident Choreographer for Ellison Ballet, NYC, and Ballet Master at Elite Classical Coaching in Frisco, Texas. He is currently Artist in Residence at Elite Classical Coaching and a Full Time Men’s Teacher at the San Francisco Ballet School.

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