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The Junior Training Program is an exciting program for children ages 3-7 who enter Preschool to Grade One in September of their year of registration. 
Children at this age are encouraged through classes involving creative movement, conditioning, ballet and jazz to develop coordination, musicality, athleticism and a sense of grace. 
Dancers are introduced to the fundamental skills of dance while falling in love with the art form through engaging the imagination.

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(Ages 3-4)


9:30-10:00am Pre-Dance Creative Movement



4:00-4:30am Pre-Dance Creative Movement



Full Year (Saturday) - $264

Full Year (Tuesday) - $296

4 classes - $37

8 classes - 71

16 classes - $135

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*all prices + HST

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(Ages 4-7)


10:00-10:45am Junior Ballet

10:45-11:30am Junior Jazz



4:30-5:15pm Junior Ballet

5:15-6:00pm Junior Jazz


Full Year Ballet and Jazz (Saturday) - $792

Full Year Ballet and Jazz (Tuesday) - $888

4 classes - $56

8 classes - $106

16 classes - $202

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*all prices + HST

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The main focus of  Pre-Dance is to inspire the children’s love of dance. This class is designed to ignite the imagination while developing musicality and spatial awareness. The dancers will be beginning to work on the flexibility and coordination needed for future dance classes and will learn class etiquette, structure and expectations. Children are also developing their ability to remain focused and engaged while paying attention to detail, which helps them in all areas of learning. The skills developed in this class will allow them to move easily into the Junior curriculum. 


Junior Ballet

Ballet classes at the Junior level further develop the musicality and coordination skills laid down on a fundamental level during Pre-Dance. At this age we continue to focus on igniting the imagination and inspiring passion in the dancer while developing the ideal facility for dance. Dancers are expected to have a heightened ability to remain focused and demonstrate class etiquette with pride. This class not only develops the athleticism, creativity and etiquette of a dancer but also begins the development of elegance and grace.


Junior Jazz

This class develops a heightened level of athleticism and coordination. Focusing on Jumping and Turning, Jazz fast tracks the skill set of the dancer allowing them to master the skills that will be required of them later on in other classes. Jazz is an upbeat fun class that children always look forward to.



Petite Elite Program 

The Petite Elite Program is for gifted young dancers ages 3-9  who show potential and talent beyond their years. This program is aimed at children who are looking for a challenge beyond the usual foundational training offered at this age. This is an invitation or audition based program where selection will be based on seeing passion and drive identified as above average. The Petite Program training focuses not only on laying down the foundation for a possible career but also providing opportunities for technical and artistic challenge within the guidelines of what is safe and healthy for the body of a developing child. This is a supplemental program to regular training and dancers have the option to also be registered within the appropriate division level at SCB or their home school to receive their core curriculum and fundamental training. Enrichment training within the Petite Program will be in the form of small group classes and/or private coaching in subjects such as Classical Technique/ Variations/ Pre-Pointe/ Character/ Conditioning/ Contemporary/ Jazz . Children in this program may also have access to SCB Ambassadorships, Competition Entry and Exam Preparation. ​