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Supporting Academic Excellence
The School of Cadence Ballet’s in-person supervision and academic support with flexible scheduling and learning options tailored support to each child’s individual needs.



Commitment to students’ wellbeing and learning through a positive, safe environment is key, especially for our young elite athletes who seek to balance the demands of both a rigorous academic program and pre-professional ballet training. The goal of the academic school is to alleviate the stress that these athletes are confronted with due to the important demands of both academics and high level training.  The School aspires to provide students with access to facilities, supervision, academic support and flexible educational programs to best position each student to reach their full potential.


Commitment to Students and Student Learning

“Fostering learning environments that contribute to our students overall sense of self, spirit, and belonging promotes well-being” (Achieving Excellence, Ontario’s renewed vision for education)

The goal of the academic school is to foster a learning environment where our young athletes have an opportunity to build strong bonds with their peers that have similar goals, attitudes and learning aptitudes all the while celebrating their individual uniqueness.  By providing a space and more time for students to interact both academically and leisurely, the School aspires to develop a strong community of learners who are supportive of one another and who learn alongside each other.



Engagement, reflection and open communication with families, educators and students is a crucial part of the success of the School as it benefits all. The School aspires to support each family/student’s unique needs while ensuring that it aligns its procedures with the Ministry of Education and Health guidelines and in accordance with the boards of education.  Open dialogue ensures that we exercise integrity in our responsibilities and allows us to identify areas where we need to pay more attention.


What can be expected from SCB Academics


  • Upgraded facilities where students can comfortably focus on their studies. Physical set up will include workstations and a space for students to collaborate.

  • An administrator will be responsible to help establish routines, advocate for our students, and guide them with time management.

  • Special Education Consultant available when requested to provide support to students who have identified learning needs.

  • Guidance counsellor available when requested to help families/students select and timetable courses for specific paths.

  • A parent/student council who will meet every 6 weeks to assess the School of Cadence Ballet’s Academic school.  

  • Additional private tutors in the area of Mathematics, English, French and Science for both elementary and secondary panels.

  • A lunchroom with access to a microwave and fridge will be available to students

  • A private space for tutoring is available.


Full Day program



Our Full day Program provides young elite athletes who seek to balance the demands of both a rigorous academic program and pre-professional ballet training, with a supervised facility where they can seamlessly accomplish both.  Students commence their day at 8:30 am and have their own reserved place to work until 4:30. Students have access to a Break out room for synchronous learning (when doing group work virtually) and a classroom for independent studies/asynchronous learning.


While students’ schedules might vary depending on each student's academic and dance needs, the school aspires to create a community of learners who, together, will take ownership of their learning community by collaborating and setting norms.  The facilitator in charge will oversee students' academic engagement and support them with time management.  In addition, the facilitator will promote the well being of the learning community and liaise with parents.


School Grades 5-8
SCB Elementary School Students follow facilitated courses through VES or the online school platform of their choice.

All VES courses are aligned with the Ontario curriculum and include comprehensive lessons, assessments,

interactive and hands-on activities, and videos. The facilitated option is for families and students who want to

register for a course with the added support of a certified teacher.


Please review the following steps to have your child “homeschooled” rather than attending a traditional school.


Registration. Please select all courses offered in your child’s school grade.


School Grades 9-12
SCB High School Students follow courses ILC or the online school platform of their choice.

FROM ILC: Whatever Your Goals, TVO ILC Can Help You Succeed

With TVO ILC, you will experience the independence and flexibility you want from online education, and the

personalized support that best guides you to achieve your goals. Our unique curriculum team of over 200

education and media professionals work together to ensure every course you choose is engaging and enriching

so that you get the most from your learning.

STEP 1: Follow the link below to apply for ILC
STEP 2: Course Selection

Once children have applied to ILC they will meet with a guidance counsellor to choose their courses. Before

selection we will meet with families to ensure all the children are enrolled in the same compulsory courses at

the same time. Children will then have a calendar created for their grade by SCB to track their progress along

the course.

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