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Graduate Division - in partnership with “Dance Mentoring by Greta”

The Grad Division, bridging the Gap between Student and Professional, is aimed dancers ages 16+ who have a solid foundation in classical technique, are strong en pointe, and who have a clear goal of pursuing a career in a company. During this time the focus is on further developing the artistry of the dancer, refining technique and increasing the virtuosity of the dancers steps. In Partnership with “Dance Mentoring by Greta”, students have the incredible opportunity to work one on one with Greta Hodgkinson, OOnt (Order of Ontario) and Artist-in-Residence at The National Ballet of Canada. Grad Division Dancers will be mentored through Professional Development classes as they take actions to begin their next step in their career. The expectation at this level is for the dancer to display artistic maturity, demonstrate an understanding of professionalism in a work environment and be fully self-motivated with autonomy in terms of their dance self-care.


Daily Classes run Monday-Friday 1:30-4:30pm with option to add additional training 4:30-7:30pm. Mentoring is scheduled individually but usually runs on weekdays between 9am-12pm.


Dancers in this division can create a schedule that works for them using a modular approach while being guided by Artistic Directors to ensure the schedule is in line with their goals.

Training options include:

Three Days per Week | Four Days per Week | Five Days Per Week

About Dance Mentoring by Greta


Dance Mentoring by Greta is a comprehensive, one-on-one mentorship program that provides the support, expertise, artistic direction and opportunities that will help dancers enjoy a long and successful career. The first-of-its-kind program is designed to offer expert advice and coaching to guide, inspire and empower dancers to achieve their goals. Through a customized mentorship program, Ms. Hodgkinson is giving students the tools to get to that next level and achieve what they want in their take control of their dance careers.


 Greta Hodgkinson OOnt, Artist-in-Residence at The National Ballet of Canada, is a private coach, teacher and mentor. Ms. Hodgkinson is one of Canada’s most treasured and celebrated dance artists. A career of rare distinction, she was a frequent guest artist with major ballet companies around the world and has inspired a legacy of roles created on her by some of the world’s top choreographers.

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