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from Students, Parents and Alumni of The School of Cadence Ballet


"Studying at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow and dancing with Gelsey Kirkland Ballet Studio Company in New York would never have been possible for me without the love and coaching I received from Courtnae Bowman. I have grown so much as a dancer, but also as a person because of Ms.Bowman. With her nurturing personality, passion for performance and incredible knowledge, I was able to excel in ways I never knew possible for myself. No matter where I end up, I always find myself coming back to the studio when I'm home, to find new ways to improve my technique, and quality of dance. Courtnae Bowman has given me the courage and guidance to strive to achieve my dreams. She is my mentor and I am so truly grateful for the opportunities I have received at The School of Cadence Ballet. I would never be where I am today without the international level of teaching I received from Ms. Bowman. May her school continue to thrive and grow." Sasha Newman-Oktan, SCB Alumni (GKB Studio Company, NYC and Peridance, NYC)


"Studying at The School of Cadence Ballet was a huge step in my dance training. The one-on-one attention, the variety of classes, and the focus everyone has in the studio is so valuable when trying to progress in this art form. Courtnae Bowman is one of the most dedicated teacher’s I’ve had and her positive direction, as well as the school’s positive atmosphere, is truly amazing to be a part of. I miss it everyday and look forward to visiting when I’m home!" Samantha Tawaststjerna, Graduate Program at Arts Umbrella, Vancouver B.C

Photo by: Michael Slobodian

 "The School of Cadence Ballet has made a great impact on my life. One that I am ever so grateful to have experienced. I would not be where I am today studying full time at the Bolshoi Academy without the help of Courtnae Bowman and their wonderful school. Cadence is a caring and supportive environment filled with passionate and disciplined students.Courtnae has taught me the importance of alignment and attention to details. How to use the function of your physical body in the correct way. She also has taught me that the body has no physical limitations, any limitations that occur are only mental. Courtnae Bowman makes you feel like you can do anything because every human body has the capabilities. She is the reason I believe in myself and have the courage to try or do anything. I truly appreciate teachers like her who will go over time in class or will spend hours with a student trying to fix

their technical mistakes because the teacher is truly passionate about their work and will overlook material items like money due to this. I honestly and truly recommend Courtnae Bowman and her school The School of Cadence Ballet to all aspiring dancers across the globe!"Lara Paraschiv SCB Graduate 2016, Bolshoi Ballet Academy Trainee, Moscow 

"Courtnae Bowman is a generous and qualified teacher who has years of experience in training beginner, pre-professional and professional dancers in the styles of RAD and Vaganova. I have worked with Courtnae for over 5 years both as a dancer and fellow colleague. During that time she has been encouraging and extremely detailed in her work as an artist, choreographer and trainer. Under her care, I improved tremendously technically and artistically. I’ve been watching her and her dancers over the past few years at The School of Cadence Ballet, and it’s obvious her dancers are extremely talented, hard working and beautifully trained. I wish her luck in her future endeavours and look forward to seeing her students thrive under such outstanding guidance." Sarah Williamson Former Dancer with Cadence Ballet, BFA, BEd and associate member of society of Russian ballet

"...After many years of dancing under her direction I became a better dancer physically and mentally. Courtnae’s classes are always very informative and thought-through. She is highly educated in different dance techniques. Courtnae concentrates on making her dancers not only strong but, first of all, healthy. I am very fortunate to dance under her direction and teach at her school." Anna Pogulyaeva dancer with Cadence Ballet and SCB Faculty Member

"Thank you The School of Cadence Ballet. This intensive has been unbelievable. The training, the professionalism, the encouragement, the love...Is beyond words..." Soula Turkington, SCB International Summer Intensive 2016 and now Professional Training Program Parent.

"Hi Courtnae, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful week Meredith had at the summer intensive again this year. She spoke so enthusiastically of her time there this week and we appreciate not only the excellent technical training but also the important messages you gave to the students. It was truly an inspiring week for her! All the best with the rest of your summer and thanks again, Melissa Pearce" Melissa Pearce, SCB Summer Intensive Parent

"Hey Courtnae Just a quick note to say thanks again for everything this week. It is clear that you not only KNOW your stuff, but that you love sharing your knowledge with others. It is wonderful that you have control of your class, while giving respect and and kindness with each correction...."- Paula Tizzard


Parent of SCB International Summer Intensive 2016 student

"Simona is enjoying the program immensely. I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and hearing details about her week, the classes, the teachers, etc. She sends me short and simple texts each that pretty much say "I love Cadence!" I am also looking forward to next Friday's parent viewing and to see improvements in her technique and knowledge, or, at minimum, improvement in her level of confidence!!” -Diana Continenza, SCB Summer Intensive Parent


“My daughter has only been at SCB for a short time, but she recognized how excellent the training is, right from her very first class. It's everything she was looking for: rigorous, detailed, and incredibly positive -- she is one of those kids who likes to drink from the firehose, and SCB is really feeding her, body and soul. As a parent, I have been touched by how quickly she is becoming part of the family with faculty, peers and older students alike, and I am frankly floored at her quick progress. I couldn't be more grateful.” Kate English, Parent of SCB Student

“My daughter Chloe attended the Summer Intensives at Cadence for 3 years, and then went on to study in the Professional Program full-time. Chloe's knowledge and awareness of the mechanics of ballet, under the direction of Courtnae Bowman, is what has enabled her to compete successfully at an international level. Courtnae keeps the class sizes small so that dancers can have a ton of individual attention. Chloe has been accepted into the Paris Opera Ballet Intensive and Royal Ballet Intensive, and has received numerous scholarships with Courtnae's assistance.” Christine Gauthier, Parent of SCB Student

"My daughter was a student here for a summer intensive and a year after that. She danced at an International Dance Day with the NBS choreographed by Courtnae. Courtnae is a fabulous dance instructor and person. We are very grateful of the full scholarship given to our daughter back then. She learned a lot from Courtnae and guest instructors during her time at Cadence. She is now in University ..still in the dance world." Judith Garza, Parent of SCB Student

"The instruction is top notch. The administration is great. I have only good things to say and recommend this school to everyone who asks about dance education. " Haroulla Battista, Parent of SCB Student

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