The Junior Training Program is an exciting program for children ages 3-8 who display an interest in exploring dance at a young age. The program is open to children who enter Junior Kindergarten to Grade Two in September of their year of registration. Children at this age are encouraged through classes in creative movement, conditioning and ballet and jazz to develop coordination, musicality, athleticism and a sense of grace. Dancers are introduced to the fundamental skills of dance while falling in love with the art form through engaging the imagination.
Children in the Junior Program will perform in The School of Cadence Ballet’s annual performance of the Nutcracker in December as well as in the Year End Recital in June. The Rehearsal time listed will be used to prepare the students for upcoming performances as well as further dance education.   
The Junior Training Program is open to all children capable of the physical and behavioral expectations required to participate. After the Junior Training Program students will continue into our Professional Training Program or After-School Training Program.




10:15-10:45am Creative Movement

$400 + HST


Junior Kindergarten


9:30-10:15am Ballet

10:15-10:45am Rehearsal

$850 + HST


Senior Kindergarten


9:30-10:15am Ballet

10:15-10:45am Rehearsal

11:00-11:45am Jazz

$1360 + HST


Grade 1


10:15-10:45am Rehearsal

11:00-11:45am Jazz

11:45-12:30pm Ballet

$1360 + HST


Grade 2


10:15-10:45am Rehearsal

11:00-11:45am Jazz

11:45-12:30pm Ballet

12:30-1:00pm Stretch

$1700 + HST

Individual Class Selection


9:30-10:15am Ballet (JR I/II level)

10:15-10:45am Rehearsal*

11:00-11:45am Jazz (JR II/III/IV level)

11:45-12:30pm Ballet (JR III/IV level)

12:30-1:00pm Stretch (JR IV level)

*Dancers must also select Ballet to enrol in the Rehearsal Class.


Price per year

Hours per week
























Creative Movement

The main focus of Creative Movement is to inspire the children’s love of dance. This class is designed to ignite the imagination while developing musicality and spatial awareness. The dancers will be beginning to work on the flexibility and coordination needed for future dance classes and will learn class etiquette, structure and expectations. Children are also developing their ability to remain focused and engaged while paying attention to detail, which helps them in all areas of learning. The skills developed in this class will allow them to move easily into the JR I curriculum.



Ballet classes at the Junior level further develop the musicality and coordination skills laid down on a fundamental level during Pre-Dance. At this age we continue to focus on the igniting the imagination and inspiring passion in the dancer while developing the ideal facility for dance. Dancers are expected to have a heightened ability to remain focused and demonstrate class etiquette with pride. This class not only develops the athleticism, creativity and etiquette of a dancer but also begins the development of elegance and grace.



This class develops a heightened level of athleticism and coordination. Focusing on Jumping and Turning, Jazz fast tracks the skill set of the dancer allowing them to master the skills that will be required of them later on in other classes. Jazz is an upbeat fun class that children always look forward to.

SCB Stretch

SCB Technique is a method of teaching unique to the School of Cadence Ballet. The stretching component of this program focuses on releasing muscles through breathing and self-awareness before lengthening them through stretching. Children will be taught some basic anatomy so they are aware of the muscles they are visualizing during stretches and will begin the development of self-care. Dancers will have the goals of attaining certain basic positions while continuing to track and be motivated by the incremental improvements made along the way.



This class develops the children’s ability to rehearse for productions. The skills of memorizing patterns, working as a group, taking leadership and appreciation for the process of creation are being established. Dancers from this class will perform in two ballet productions along with children from the Professional Training Program and After-School Training Program. This process of rehearsal and production allows both the child and the family the opportunity to see firsthand the magic of the performing arts.

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