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Through the International Competitive Team dancers learn essential life skills, network within their professional community  and have the potential to win awards and scholarships that can launch their career and be the building blocks of their CV. 
The International Competitive Team  has won top overall awards and scholarships at each competition entered since its founding year and we look forward to continuing this tradition with during the upcoming season! 
With opportunities to represent Canada on a global platform, the International Competitive Team offers team members a chance to open their eyes to the vast community that is the world of dance. One of the most exciting and rewarding benefits of competing on a global scale are the friends and connections dancers make along the way. Quickly dancers realize that no matter how big and intimidating the dance world seems at first, after a few competitions they have friends and familiar faces all over the world networking them into the global family and building a true foundation for their future career. 
In addition to scholarships, awards and networking, the experience of preparing for competition and enduring the pressure of competing expands the dancers skillset and strengthens their spirit like nothing else. 
The school should be a place to feel nurtured and safe to explore so there is absolutely no way to recreate performance experience or create the same high pressure environment found in competition, in the classroom. This high-stakes experience teaches dancers the skills to succeed and overcome their fears which will not only be essential in their performing career, but also something they can take through life. 
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