About the Program

The Professional Training Program is aimed at gifted dancers who are ages seven to eighteen (Grades 2-12) in September of their auditioning year.  Care is taken to ensure the schedule reflects international standards for dance education at every age. Children in this program are given the opportunity for exposure to the world of dance on an international platform ensuring they are prepared and making connections in the professional community they will enter. The classical curriculum is rooted in the Vaganova Method following the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Methods for Teaching Classical Dance. At the forefront of every stage of development of the dancer is Dance Health.
The students in this program are educated not only on the technique and artistry of dance but also on their body awareness and understanding. Students develop a keen sense of how to take care of their bodies not only in dance but also through life. Dancers train in SCB Technique, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Character, Variations, Pas De Deux, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz and Theory. Graduates from this program have gone on to accept company contracts, scholarships and placements in prestigious schools and companies throughout the world. Each of our graduates has had the opportunity to choose between University Placement or continued study and work in the dance field.
During auditions we look for children who possess talent, focus and determination, all qualities which are essential to a full-time career in this industry. During this time we are looking for the growth of the student and their learning capacity as well as thirst for knowledge. The dancers health must also be capable of engaging in the physical demands of the intensive schedule. Preparatory Division Students do not need to have any experience in dance as this is our entrance level to the Professional Training Program. Entrance into the Elementary Division may be made with limited experience in classical ballet if the child’s facility is naturally suited to the alignment required in the Vaganova Method. Dancers entering the upper levels of Intermediate and Senior Divisions should have had some previous experience in intensive classical training. The School of Cadence Ballet does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race,
color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry or sexual orientation.
First Step:
Summer Intensive or Short Term Study
Live auditions and online applications can be made for short term or Summer Intensive Study. Emails will be sent to accepted students within two weeks of their audition. Upon acceptance, dancers should plan to spend a minimum of one week at SCB either over the summer or during the academic year to be assessed fully for their fit in the program as well as to create a customized training plan which fits with their goals both short and long term.
Second Step:
Acceptance to the Professional Training Program will be made over email which will also indicate which level the children would enter. Once acceptance has been received registration can be made online for the appropriate level. A 10% deposit will be due at this time for the base curriculum training Tuition. After registering SCB staff will review the goals of your family as previously discussed and suggest any additional training as well as additional opportunities that are in line with this plan. Final Registration with all additional training and payment plans can then be made at this time.
Cadence students have an abundance of performing opportunities through school productions and the competitive team. Each season Cadence produces The Nutcracker, in which all the dancers have the opportunity to be highly involved. The Cadence National and International Competitive teams are elite teams of dancers who represent both Cadence and Canada throughout the world, including in competitions such as the Youth America Grand Prix, Prix de Lausanne and ADC International Ballet Competition. Cadence is proud to say that since the formation of the competitive teams students have consistently held top placements at every competition entered. From experiencing producing full-length ballets, to representing Canada abroad with the International Competitive Team, Cadence dancers graduate fully prepared with professional experience.

Year End Showcase

Our year-end showcase is performed in the spring in a state of the art theatre.  This is an opportunity for children to show off their improvements in technique and artistry in a class demonstration, as well as perform an excerpt from a ballet as well as original work created on the dancers.

The Nutcracker

Choreographed after Petipa and Set by Artistic Director, Courtnae Bowman to the music of Tchaikovsky, this version is the holiday classic we all remember.  Dancers from the Junior Training Program, After-School Training Program and Professional Training Program all work together to create a magical family event. Often sparking a love of the ballet in young dancers, this is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to perform and be part of a full-length ballet production.

Cadence National Competitive Team

The Cadence National Competitive Team is an elite team of dancers who represent Cadence with their technical and artistic virtuoso in competitions throughout Canada. Dancers on this team are held to the high expectations both with their commitment to training, dance and rehearsals as well as their sportsmanship and professionalism both at the studio and at competitions. The C.N.C.T is a stepping-stone to the Cadence International Competitive Team (C.I.C.T), which competes Internationally. Dancers from the National Competitive Team are selected by the studio directors and will be offered a list of pieces they are able to choose from.

Cadence International Competitive Team

The Cadence International Competitive Team is an elite team of dancers who represent both Cadence and Canada with top-level artistry and technical proficiency in competitions throughout the world. Dancers on this team are held to the highest expectations comparable to being on an elite Olympic team. The C.I.C.T members will be expected to have flawless attendance. It is expected that their top priority be with Cadence both in training and rehearsals. In all circumstances the team members must have the cooperation of their academic schools with regards to missing academic classes for rehearsals and competitions. It is also necessary that parents are willing and ready to provide unwavering support leading up to and during the competitive season such as but not limited to ensuring the team members are present for all rehearsals/classes, ensuring they have the appropriate footwear and materials needed for practice and the costume for the competitive showcase and for competitions. Parents also must be prepared for the financial commitment, which comes with taking a child to international competitions. It is not imperative all parents travel with their children however parents must be prepared to provide the dancers with health insurance, and all other paperwork required for the Cadence Directors to chaperone the minor.

C.I.C.T members will be required to maintain a top level of health. Dancers are both artists and athletes and must follow the most health conscious and nutritiously rich lifestyles. It is imperative that the parents provide the children with a healthy meal plan, which reflects the demands they put on their body. If the parents require advice as to what foods their children should be eating please do not hesitate to ask the directors for a referral to a dance health practitioner.   

The International Team will be role model throughout the school and abroad acting as ambassadors for Cadence. We expect this is reflected in their commitment to training, dance and rehearsals as well as their sportsmanship and professionalism both at the studio and at competitions.

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The International Summer Intensive acts not only as a way for dancers to immerse themselves in their passion, but also as an opportunity for the dancers and faculty to asses which program is the right fit. The schedule is carefully crafted to ensure the dancers make the most of their extra training hours focusing on making noticeable improvement in their technique and artistry. We believe that each dancer should have tangible improvement by the end of the intensive. Dancers who are accepted for the upcoming season are required to attend additional training in August.

GENRES (Dependent on level)
Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Improvisation, Pas de Deux, Jumps and Turns, Body Conditioning, Jazz, Classical Variations, Guest Workshops.
The School of Cadence Ballet welcomes dancers from all over the world to join our International Summer Intensives and Professional Training Program. Students entering the country alone will obtain a student visa, have custodianship arrangements made and have the choice of residence housing or homestay with a Canadian family. All International Students are fully integrated with Canadian students joining them for both dance classes and academic study in the Canadian school system.
Parents have the choice of Private, Catholic or Public schooling beginning from Grade 5-12. All dancers who have graduated from academics have the opportunity to further their studies while continuing their dance training. All opportunities which are given to local students are also shared with International Students. Dancers have the chance to audition for parts in the school’s production of The Nutcracker and final Year End Production, and to compete both locally and Internationally with Cadence’s Competitive Team. Current International students are enjoying great success earning invitations and scholarships to top summer intensives across the globe, as well as earning Top Placements and Invitations to the New York finals at International Ballet Competitions such as the Youth America Grand Prix, ADC International Ballet Competition and American Dance Awards.
SCB International Students have an opportunity not only to learn Canadian culture but to share their culture with their peers. The School of Cadence ballet is proud to offer a family atmosphere where strong bonds are made within the student community. International students are immediately welcomed by both faculty and their peers by being invited along for all social events arranged by school and also by being invited to visit their peers homes on weekends and school breaks. We at The School of Cadence Ballet are excited to continue to offer the most welcoming and culturally integrated opportunity to dancers coming from abroad to further their training at the highest level in a supportive and nurturing environment.
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