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Tyler Angell

Body Conditioning / Contemporary / Jazz

Tyler Angell is a dancer, educator, and choreographer in Toronto. Growing up he trained in multiple disciplines of dance in Kitchener, Ontario, under the direction of Margo Hartley.

Tyler moved to Toronto in 2013 to train with Courtnae Bowman and Zhenya Cerneacov at The School Of Cadence Ballet, where he developed a strong background in classical ballet, pas de deux, contemporary, and modern dance.

While training as a post-secondary student at the school, he also worked closely with Cadence Progressive Contemporary Company, where he was given the opportunity to perform in multiple theatres throughout the city. Now an alumnus from Cadence’s Post-Secondary Training Program, Tyler is now a leading contemporary faculty member for the school.

He since then has worked professionally with Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY in “Saudade”, TranscenDance Project as James in “Eve Of St. George” and Faun in “A Grimm Night”, Nostos Collectives, Hart Dance, Alysa Pires, Trip The Light Fantastic, Louis Laberge-Cotê, Little Pear Garden, Patrick Roberge Productions Inc, Impromptu Movements, I/O Movement, and Jeff Dimitriou. He has performed in several venues across Canada and most recently Europe.

Tyler’s passion for choreography began during his post-secondary years where he had opportunities to create on the company. Over the years he has created new work for Nostos Collectives, Cadence Bridges, The Parahumans, Halifax Dance, World Ballet Gala, and New Blue Dance Festival.

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